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Cecil The Lion

A Portrait by Mark Balma

"Cecil’s portrait was painted on July 29, 2015, during the public protest located at the River Bluff Dental practice of Dr. Walter J. Palmer in Bloomington (a suburb of Minneapolis), Minnesota. The portrait was an interactive public work in that I began it on-site in the morning, worked without stopping to eat or rest and completed it on-site the same evening. People observed and commented on the portrait throughout the day while they waited for the public protest to begin. As a portrait artist, I approached the painting of Cecil by trying to capture his spirit. I painted an expression in his eyes that would communicate the intensity of his spirituality as a living creature, strength of character, pride and an aura larger than himself. I painted this portrait of Cecil in silent protest over his unethical killing and respect for all animals."

-Mark Balma


It is Mark's hope that Cecil the Lion's portrait will be purchased and donated to a Museum and a portion of the proceeds go to supporting wildlife preservation.

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