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Custom Framing

We specialize in conservation and museum-quality framing.

  • 100% acid-free materials: mattes and backing paper. Acid-free materials prevent damage and deterioration to your art over time.
  • UV-filtering glass. Your art is protected from fading from light of all kinds by using glass which blocks harmful ultraviolet rays.

We have over 1500 frame styles to choose from. We do our work on-site, meaning your art will be safe and not subject to damage by being shipped around the city.

We feature quick turnaround on our work. Our standard is one week for frames from our local wholesalers. For designer frames, plan on 3-4 weeks. For special cases we can rush the job and deliver it sooner for no extra charge!

We Provide Design Expertise

Need Ideas? We will gladly show you several good options that will work for your piece. And use our Introduction to Framing Design and Framing Fundamentals pages as starting points.

Already Know What You Want? We will help you find exactly what you are looking for when you bring your artwork into the store.

On a Budget? We will gladly show you options to fit your budget.

Pickup and Delivery: Need it picked up and/or delivered to and/or from your home or place of business/office? We can do that, too.

View some examples of our framing here.

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